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Teaching human movement (let alone the complex skill sets golf requires) is difficult. In my experience, few categories of information are as positively impactful for such teaching as that of motor learning science. I believe in @gameltraining’s message and that the motor learning concepts shared in their certification are invaluable for not only my coaching but for our profession as well.

On-Course Coaching

Using a modified version of @operation_36, we’ve been able to track our progress and have a goal for each session. We started from 50 yards with the goal of scoring a 3 or better. Each time we reach our score goal, we move back 50 yards with the same score goal. After every 100 yards, the score goal increases 1 shot. We achieved our goal of advancing past each yardage and scoring a 5 from 450 yards! It was awesome to watch, and I look forward to setting and working toward our next goal

Couldn’t be prouder of Parker and the work he’s put in during his first year of playing golf.

Click to view the post to see our progression chart.

Cornell getting after it on course with "Two Drives & Five" after a great week at Junior World’s finishing top 10 in his graduation class. Proud of his hard work.

Charlie connecting the dots on the green and with the sweet spot off the tee.

Best miss, worst miss ...

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